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After The HOA Is Dissolved, Their Neighbors Keep Complaining About The Cars In Their Driveway. So They Get The Courts Involved To Make Them Stop.

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for not following HOA rules after HOA is dissolved?

“This one is a bit of a weird situation. My family moved into a neighborhood when I was 7 years old.

It was an HOA neighborhood at the time. In 2010 the neighborhood got together and found out that fully 90% of the owners had no interest in having the HOA.

They only maintained a small strip of land at the front of the neighborhood, had allowed the “community center” (basically a 300 sq/ft pavilion built in the early 90’s) to fall over and become a hazard.

Enough of that!

I’m not completely sure about the process the neighborhood went through, but the HOA was dissolved at the end of 2010 and individual volunteers took over maintenance of the two areas.

Fast forward to 2018. I was moving back into the area to take care of my mother and found a house for sale in the neighborhood.

The price was good, I bought it, nothing mentioned about covenants or regulations or anything. One of my hobbies is vehicles. I collect, refurbish, and build/modify classic and imported vehicles. One of the reasons I bought the house was the 4 cars worth of garage space.

This person is REALLY into cars.

My surviving grandparent passed away the same year and I ended up with one and a half garages worth of family heirlooms and the like stored at my place. This meant that 3 cars ended up in the driveway.

Driveway is large, at least 4 cars across and about 8-10 long, with most of that space between my house and detached garage. I have 7 vehicles in the driveway. Within a month I started receiving notices from the county that there were complaints about my property.

Nothing actionable by the county, the vehicles are in good repair, running, and registered. I’m just having to deal with the county inspector coming out every month and looking over the vehicles and whatever else people want to nitpick about my property.

They got some inside info.

The inspector told me straight up that it’s the former HOA members, and that the old covenant said that there could only be one vehicle in the driveway.

AITA for starting harassment proceedings against everyone complaining?”

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Sorry, HOA!

You have no authority here!

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