May 15, 2024 at 4:49 pm

Coworker Asked To Switch Vacation So They Could Spend Christmas With Their Kids, But She Doesn’t Want To Give Up Her Free Time Just Because She Doesn’t Have Kids

by Abby Jamison


Everyone’s been in a position when a coworker wants a nice favor, and you have to decide if it’s worth your time.

But when holidays and kids come into play, does that change the decision?

For this person, they’re wondering if they’re in the wrong for not giving their leave up to a coworker.

Let’s hear the full story…

AITA for not giving up my Christmas annual leave so my coworker can spend sometime with her kids?

This boss said there’s one gap left for annual leave on Christmas and they’ve been saving it for me. According to him any new employees once they’ve passed the probation period will get the first Christmas off.

Here’s the thing, I don’t care if I work Christmas or not and I’ll be on my own this Christmas as I don’t celebrate it.

Two days later (This was three days ago) I had a colleague come up to me and she was talking about annual leave and asked if I would consider switching and my response was no.

This didn’t go over well…

She then started going on about how she has kids and what I would be doing this Christmas and I just said no. She seemed moody and walked away.

Later that night I got home and my nephew video-called me from his mum’s phone. When she got the phone we caught up.

Here’s the thing though. Before my sister gave birth to her son this happened and was in complete agreement with me in a previous workplace. I brought this up with my sister.

Her sister had a different view…

My sister said I’m being a bit selfish as I’m child-free and she has kids. She’s working and I’m not which means she won’t be able to see her kids for long on Christmas day.

She also brought up the fact I’m not bothering to come up and see family this Christmas and will be spending three of the days phone-free so I won’t be communicating with anyone.

AITA for not giving up my annual leave to a mum with kids when I’m going to be off and she’s going to be working even though I don’t care if I work or don’t work?

Let’s get into the comments.

This person thinks they should give their coworker the leave.


Another commenter thinks they should do the kind thing.


While other’s respect OP’s choices.


For this person, it’s about the principle.


While the comments were torn, in my opinion, it seems they should give the leave if they don’t care about the holiday!

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