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Employee Applied For Promotion But Got Rejected Multiple Times, So When Their Boss Said To Just Do Their Job, That’s What Exactly They Did

by Heide Lazaro

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We all want to grow in our jobs, so when opportunities for promotions come, it’s best to grab them fast.

But, what if you get rejected not just once but multiple times?

This employee shared how they dealt with a situation when their boss wanted them to just stick to their job.

As you wish!

Boss: Just do your job. Me: As. You. Wish.

I work at a tech company, and my official job is fairly simple, and I find that I have free time decently often.

My unofficial extra jobs used to be monitoring the morale level in the office and doing things to bring up said morale, tech support on the computers in the office, so IT doesn’t have to deal with it (mostly because I’m faster than they are at getting things going again, assuming the problem isn’t hardware related), and often enough helping out other departments when I have the time.

The poster’s work initiatives are off the charts!

A promotion comes up, I apply for it.

The boss gives it to someone who had only been hired a few months ago. I was annoyed by this because I had been working there for much longer, and my evaluations are always glowing.

That’s disappointing.

Another promotion comes up, I get denied again in favor of another person who has only been there for a few months.

Three more promotions come and go, and my boss always gives the new people the promotions.

What is up with the boss?

At this point, several people who have been hired around the same time I have all quit to seek opportunity elsewhere, and many of the people who got promoted ALSO quit because they used their promotion to get a better job elsewhere.

Also, the boss likes to send an email with a crap canned denial letter with some official “reason” as to why you we’re not selected.

Not falling for it, that’s for sure.

I eventually decide to confront my boss about it, so I just bluntly ask, “What am I doing wrong? Why are people who have been recently hired getting promotions over me?”

The boss couldn’t answer.

He stumbles and stutters for about two minutes, like the sniveling pencil neck he is.

Then, he eventually just blurts out, “Look, you don’t have much experience in dealing with people below you and I really need you to just do your job.”

Alright. As you wish.

Request granted.

Now, any time someone asks me if I can get their computer/monitor/printer/etc. working properly again, I tell them to ask tech support.

My biweekly delivery is homemade confections has come to an end, and I no longer lift a finger to help other departments, even when I DO have the extra time.

Tech Support can take a surprisingly long time to get around to our department. Something I could have done in 10 minutes, it will take them an hour or more. It’s also a 3-person department in a fairly large office building.

Hey, just doing their job.

My boss pulls me into his office a while back and asked me if I have a problem. I told him I don’t have a problem.

He then reminds me of all the things that I used to do that I suddenly don’t do anymore, then makes the mistake of asking me why I suddenly stopped.

I told him that none of those were part of my job description and that I only did those things as a courtesy, but since he told me to just do my job, and strongly hinted that I am to go no further in the company, I am going to just do what is part of my official job description from now on.

Looks like the boss got burned from his very clear, very simple instructions.

He went from a having a crap eating smirk on my face, ready to tear into me for my sudden change in demeanor, to realizing that he can’t say a damned thing because he knows that he can’t order me to do anything outside of my official job description, and that he screwed himself and his entire department over by basically telling me to shut up and get back to work.

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Know your worth. Never settle for anything less.

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