May 1, 2024 at 3:51 pm

Employee’s Bosses Accused Her Of Time Theft And It Scarred Her For Life. – ‘It didn’t make any sense.’

by Abby Jamison

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

What even is “time theft”?

That’s what @gabrielle_judge wondered when she was pulled into a meeting with higher-ups.

This was her first job out of college, and as a first-generation college graduate from a blue collar family, she didn’t know what to expect from an accusation like this.

They told her she had been committing time theft on her time card. The issue was that there were two different job codes she could use to record her time at work.

“They said I was intentionally clocking into a job code that paid more.”

It turns out the difference in the job codes was only $2 per hour.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

As a diligent employee, the last thing she expected was to be reprimanded for theft.

It was especially shocking when she’d been working regularly and had a good relationship with her manager – who approved her timesheets.

Apparently, this issue is a common in Corporate America, but new hires and college graduates have no idea going into corporate culture.

She had no idea how the situation should have been handled and her manager didn’t prepare her at all.

“What we see a lot happening in Corporate America is the dysfunction of upper management. All these different orgs that don’t work well together.”

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

“Sometimes the brunt of the guilt and the blame and the issue goes down to the youngest employee.”

While it’s important to be honest and responsible at work, Corporate America needs some serious help in management.

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This is a story time of how i got accused of stealing at a job while being a manager. I rarely share crazy work stories so I thought I would bring you through one of my most embarassing times at work. #firedfrommyjob #quittok #toxiccoworker #corporateamerica #careertips

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So true!

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This is such a good idea!

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The support is awesome!

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This definitely sounds like a misunderstanding.

Hopefully it didn’t impact their working relationship going forward.

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