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Half Sister Is Trying To Rewrite History To Make Them One Big Happy Family, But They Exclude Her From A Vacation Because She’s The Product Of An Affair

by Trisha Leigh

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Blending families is hard enough when everyone involved in genuinely interested in trying to make it happen.

When one set of siblings wants nothing to do with another?

It’s just not going to happen.

This teen’s father had an affair (and a child) that resulted in two broken marriages.

My dad had an affair around the time he and my mom conceived me (16m) and my half sister Jessie (16f) was the result.

My parents already had my sister Winter (18f) and after me my parents had my brothers Hayes (14m) and Jonah (13m).

We found out Jessie was our half sister 6 years ago and my parents marriage broke up over the revelation.

Dad ended up getting back together with Jessie’s mom which broke up her marriage, which happened after she and my dad had broken up.

His daughter with his affair partner (now wife) thinks all of the siblings should treat each other like family.

Jessie knew my dad and they had a relationship. Winter and I knew her from school but we were not close to her.

Only after the big reveal did we really talk to Jessie and she told us we had to treat her as a real sister and that her parents said we would always have to include her now because she was our family.

That’s been her attitude ever since.

She does not think any of us can talk to each other unless she’s involved. She jumps into conversations.

She tries to rewrite history to include herself.

She only wants it done her way, though, and says mean things about their mother.

Jonah tried to get a little closer to her and she yelled at him a few times because in response because he wasn’t doing it the way she wanted, meaning he wasn’t erasing history.

First time it was over Universal Studios and she said our first time there should be together.

He told her we had already been and she yelled at him.

The second time was when she talked about all the Christmas’ we spent together and he mentioned we hadn’t spent one together yet.

Whenever we have “family” time at dad’s house she will come up with stories of things we have not done, in her attempts to change the past.

She’ll also make comments about our mom getting in the way of the family and it normally results in a fight with me and Winter vs her because we do not tolerate that crap.

So, when their mom said they were going on vacation, she tried to force her way in.

So we don’t have the best relationship with her.

I can’t say any of us hate her. Maybe Winter does. But I don’t consider her a real sister or a real member of my family and in two years I won’t speak to her or my dad (I’m pissed with him for a lot of stuff).

So this year is the first year since the divorce that mom can take us on vacation and she has decided to make it a special one because Winter goes to college in the fall.

Jessie found out about this via dad, because he wasn’t happy with mom taking advantage of the chance to extend custody during the summer for two weeks for a vacation and he wasn’t happy because Winter said no to going on vacation with his family this year (she no longer sees dad because she’s 18).

Jessie told us we couldn’t go on a family vacation without her and she needed to come.

He told her no, in no uncertain terms, and now she and her dad think he’s awful.

I told her that wasn’t happening and she said we had to include her because she’s our sister.

I said she’s not my mom’s daughter. She said we’re family though and she’s our sister.

I told her she’s not welcome on our family vacation with mom, she never would be and none of us want her there.

She yelled at me and my dad got angry with me for upsetting her and “saying such a terrible thing” to her and taking his affair out on her.


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There is a serious lack of parenting going on here.

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This girl is delusional.

Her parents honestly need to get her some therapy.

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