May 24, 2024 at 9:22 pm

He Lives In An HOA-Adjacent Home, But They Still Want To Dictate What He Does With His Christmas Lights

by Trisha Leigh

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Listen, I don’t think anyone goes around looking for a house with a big and involved HOA attached to it.

So, if you manage to find one that doesn’t have one attached, it’s like hitting the lottery.

This man lives near a neighborhood HOA but isn’t behold to them, a distinction that ruffles more than a few feathers on a regular basis.

That said, they are not going to quash his holiday spirit!

AITA for putting up my Christmas lights early even though the HOA that I’m not a part of says it violates the rules and upsets the people in the HOA

I’ve had a previous experience with this group as I live in a neighborhood that has an HOA but I was there before the rest of the houses were built and before they formed this group.

I’m not a member in anyway and that has been verified by a real estate attorney.

The HOA apparently has a bunch of rules about the how and what and when of Christmas lights.

So anyway apparently they have a rule over how many lights you can put up and what the earliest date you can put them up.

The woman who I deal with the most when I upset them came by on 11/30 and told me my lights were against the policy and that I was not allowed to have as many lights up as I do.

He said he’ll try to keep it tasteful but actually he’s going to do what he wants.

I told her that we been over this before that I am in no way beholden to their policies and don’t care.

I told her out of respect to the people in the neighborhood I did like that I wasn’t going to go full Clark Griswold on my house but that my nieces and nephews loved lights so I would be putting up a fair amount.

I also told her that I didn’t care about their rules that the lights could only be on during certain hours and that once done putting them up on the 30th I would likely turn them on and leave them on till Christmas.

She tried to strong arm him, so he tossed the flyer told her to take a hike.

She told me that me breaking the rules upset other members and that I should respect their rules even if I don’t follow them because I technically live in the neighborhood.

She offered me a flyer which apparently had their rules for lights.

I tossed it in the trash and told her to just get off my property. I probably could’ve entertained some of what she asked but I’ve just had enough of them.

Let’s find out if Reddit thinks he could have been kinder!

The top comment encourages them to go full Griswold.

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Seriously, they won’t bother you again.

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The rules don’t apply.

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So many people would have gone the opposite direction.

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Listen…I’m on his side.

Get off of my lawn, HOA lady!

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