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Her Friend Wants To Give Her Baby An Inappropriate Name, So She’s Considering Telling Her It’s Just Not Right

by Matthew Gilligan

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Here we go again…

It’s baby name time!

But this story has a bit of a tragic twist

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she was out of line…

WIBTA for telling my friend her soon to be born baby’s name is a horrible mistake?

“I (27F) have a friend (29F) who I will call Sarah for the sake of this post.

There was a tragedy.

Her husband (31M) will be John Jacob. 1 year ago Sarah had a very terrible miscarriage late in her pregnancy and gave birth to a stillborn.

She had named the baby and been very bravely public about her loss and buried the child with a tombstone with his name : John Jacob II (named after his father).

Fast forward to this past weekend, we have a baby shower for Sarah as she is pregnant again with a boy (and doing very well!).

Then her friend divulged some new info…

During the baby shower, she announces the name of her soon to be born son: John Jacob III. The third.

Mostly everyone was able to be instantly ecstatic but unfortunately I could not calibrate my reaction quick enough and she noticed.

She has been very distant since. A few other people who attended the baby shower texted me afterwards to share they are equally shocked by the name.

I will eventually have to talk to my friend and she will 100% bring it up.

WIBTA if i told her that naming her son after her stillborn would be a very cruel thing to do to a child?”

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That’s a tough one…

I don’t know what I’d do.

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