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His Ex-Girlfriend Wants A Gift Back That She Gave Him. He’s Refusing To Return It Because They Didn’t Talk For A Decade.

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is a strange one…

It’s a story that involves a relationship…and a machete.

Yes, you read that correctly…a machete.

Get all the details below and see if you think this guy is wrong in this scenario.

AITA for refusing to return a gift I was given 7 years ago?

“I was dating a girl in college who went to Thailand and got me a handmade machete as a gift.

I have kept it through the years, but it’s mostly just been in my garage and I use it for random things like cutting boxes up to fit in the trash can.

Well, this is weird…

Long story short, we broke up over 7 years ago and she blocked me on every form of social media and other forms of communication.

Last night, her friend (who I’m not friends with on Facebook) messaged me on Facebook saying that my ex-girlfriend wanted the machete back.

I was pretty taken aback by the request and asked why she didn’t reach out to me directly.

I pointed out how strange it was to make that request, especially after not talking to me for nearly a decade.

What a psycho!

She acted like I was an ******* for insinuating that the request was tacky and strange.

The majority of my friends think the request is ridiculous and I should tell her to kick sand, but some friends are saying if I hardly use it, why not just give it back?

I don’t really care that much about having the machete, but the principle of it just really rubs me the wrong way.


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Well, that was weird…

No doubt about it!

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