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His HOA Fined Him For Putting Grass Signs In His Yard, So He Found A Way To Display Them Without Getting Fined Again

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance/Unsplash/MichaelCarruth

There’s nothing harder than keeping up with the Jones’s, especially in a neighborhood with a nit-picky HOA.

For this person, his HOA fined him for some simple birthday party signs in his yard. He found a way to get back at them without getting into anymore trouble.

Here’s the full story…

An HOA doesn’t allow grass signs for ANY reason. Understood.

A family friend lives in a neighborhood with an HOA. They are not horrible, but they are prickly at times.

One year, he hosted a large birthday party and put some temporary signs up. These were for things like what side of the street to park on, where his house was, when the party ends, and to come to the backyard instead of in the house.

He had approval for the party and a paperwork trail of conversations going back a month. Imagine his surprise when a few days later he gets a $200 fine for those road signs.

He was confused…

He contacts the HoA to complain, but he gets stonewalled. As he pays the fine, the guy at the desk says the worst thing. “Next time, read the rules.”

That ticked him off, as he made an effort to follow the rules. The day after, he reads the rules and there is a sentence about ‘all grass signs’.

Clearly, it’s intended to keep those political signs away, but no where does it say ‘no political signs’. He takes some time and gets his plan together.

He found a way to stick it to them…

He buys some political signs for the local city council members and judges he supports that are up for election.

He then tapes them against his car windows so they are on the inside pointing out.

For a good measure, He added some bumper stickers for the ACLU, PEACE CORE, the teachers union, NAACP, and whatever else he could find in an evening.

Every so often, he keeps his car at the end of his driveway so all driving into the complex can see. As he put it, “It’s a petty rebellion, but a rebellion none the less.”

Let’s see how Reddit responded…

Several users had even more sneaky ideas.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

This commenter pointed out a grammatical issue.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

Many commenters pointed out the insane HOA rules.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

Another person talked about the annoyance of HOAs in general.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

Stick it to the man! Or in this case, in front of your house.

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