May 29, 2024 at 7:13 am

HOA Members Insisted That They’re Part of Their Neighborhood And Needs To Pay Fees, But They Know Better And Refuse To Go Along With Their Program

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pixabay

Sorry…no dice!

We hear so many horror stories about HOAs that you gotta sit back and smile when someone sticks it to one of these neighborhood organizations from time to time.

But did this person do anything wrong?

Get all the dirt below and YOU be the judge.

AITA for not being in an HOA?

“I inherited a house a few years ago after the passing of my grandfather.

The timing was perfect as I had just graduated and it wasn’t that far from the area where I wanted to work.

About 2-3 years ago a development company bought a bunch of surrounding property to build a semi-gated community.

The fence for the community ends a good few yards away from my property but isn’t closed all the way.


Now that people have moved in I’ve been getting HOA letters about fees, my lawn, and my house paint.

I tried emailing the HOA president but they never got back to me.

I crashed the last meeting they had and explained that my house wasn’t part of the neighborhood and therefore not part of the HOA.

The president and board members tried to say that I was because of how close my property is.

Yeah, right!

It isn’t, and I have documentation from the development company and the county saying it isn’t.

After the meeting the president emailed back and said that regardless of the particulars I should still try to conform to the rest of the community because I was bringing property values down.

I know that I was very lucky in getting my home and I don’t want to negatively affect others, especially considering the current market.

AITA for not listening to the HOA?”

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Nice work!

Way to stand up to those folks!

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