May 16, 2024 at 10:11 pm

Chili’s Customer Claims It’s Now Less Expensive To There Than At McDonald’s. – ‘Chili’s has a Three For Me for $10.99.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

If you’re a Chili’s fan, this story is for you!

No one can fail to have noticed how the prices of literally everything are going up, and that fast food is no longer something all families can afford.

A TikTokker named Eason posted a video and let viewers in on a surprising fact: he claims that eating at Chili’s is now cheaper than getting a meal at McDonald’s.

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

Eason said, “OK, so I stopped doing fast food right before Thanksgiving. Just in general, the price gouging.”

He also referenced boycotting that is going on for certain companies and said, “The boycotting is just you know, something that’s going to be an added bonus, but I’m here in my neighborhood Chili’s. And I’m the only one here.”

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

Eason added, “And do you know what’s wild? Chili’s has a Three For Me for $10.99, where you get your drink, your little chips, your cheeseburger, and your french fries. You can’t go to McDonald’s and spend 10.99. So as we’re all avoiding our fast foods for the boycott, I love my neighborhood Chili’s.”

Chili’s for the win!

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

Check out his video.


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Now let’s see how folks reacted.

This person is a Chili’s fan.

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

Another individual is over the high prices.

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

And this TikTokker offered a hot tip.

Source: TikTok/@easontrbojevic

Food prices are wild out there!

How much more can we take?!?!