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Wife Used Her Disability Check On A New Office Chair, So Her Husband Woke Her Up In The Middle Of The Night And Called Her Out

by Abby Jamison

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Money issues can seriously make or break a relationship.

For this person, her husband had some choice words about how she was spending her disability check.

Let’s get the details, shall we?

AITA for getting upset that he is trying to dictate where my funds go?

I get a little over $600 a month from disability. It’s very little but it’s more than enough to cover my personal bills and to cover diapers and wipes for my kids.

Next month I calculated the funds to allow me to purchase a new cheap office chair for my desk.

The chair I’m currently using is hurting my back and hips very badly to the point I can barely get out of bed the next day.

Seems pretty straight forward…

It’s not an office chair but one of those novelty type chairs, I’ve just been using in the meantime until I get a better chair.

It’s VERY uncomfortable especially for longer periods of time.

My fiancé woke me up this morning to tell me that I was stupid to even consider buying a new chair when I already have one I’ve been using.

He went on to tell me about past purchases and how I was stupid to spend the money on those (such as a bookbag when I don’t go to school anymore.

I bought it to keep my self study books in. A gaming console I don’t use often apparently.

I use it nearly weekly, I just don’t have the time to spend every single day playing games.

A desk that broke in a year. I needed a desk, I went out of my way to try to find a very cheap within budget desk. It worked while I had it. Etc.)

He’s still upset…

Because of all this that he is STILL going on and on about I got upset.

When he asked why I’m upset I told him ‘because you literally woke me up early this morning just to crab at me about how I spend my money. You’re acting like my sister.’

(My sister treats me like a small child basically. She’s never once acted like I’m an adult despite me being almost 30.)

Now he’s angry at me and telling me I have no right to be upset.

I could maybe understand his viewpoint but I carefully calculated this chair into my check.

I won’t buy it until after all other bills are paid and diapers and wipes are bought. Nothing is being put aside for this purchase.

She’s got it covered…

My kids needs will be met next month. I’ll still have extra money left over after the chair too for emergencies, just $100 less than if I didn’t buy the chair.

Aita here for getting upset that he’s trying to tell me how to spend my disability check on?

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I think we could definitely use some more context here.

I hope this couple a makes it work!

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