May 20, 2024 at 10:42 am

Rude Customer Calls Her Our For Using A Credit Card To Pay For A Bag Of Chips, But She Explains How It Actually Helped Get A Free Flight

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

For kids just coming into financial independence, credit cards are bit of a mystery.

Some people treat them like free money sent from heaven, and some people warn you against them like the plague!

But after TikTok user @jamiespaldingg was accosted for using her credit card to buy a bag of chips, she explained why using a credit card may be the better option!

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Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

Her video starts one afternoon after getting off of work, where she was just craving a simple bag of chips!

And like many of us, Jamie isn’t a cash girl, so she got out her Mastercard to pay, apparently much to the chagrin of the lady behind her.

“As I’m tapping my card, this random woman who’s waiting in line behind me goes ‘You’re using a credit card for a dollar?! And she says it loud!”

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

And taken aback at how nosy this woman was being, Jamie turned around to see who was all up in her financial business.

“I was like, yeah I use my credit card for everything, and I took my chips and walked out.”

But Jamie took this woman’s rude response to teach all of us a lesson.

“I was taught when you get a credit card, you use it like a debit card and earn points with it. Ever since I turned 18, I stopped using my debit card.”

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

In fact, she said she uses her credit card for every single thing she buys, even if it looks silly.

“But at the end of next month I’m going on vacation and my flight is free because I’m using my credit card points. I’ve gotten a free dyson, and even free doc martens.”

So Jamie said if you’re someone who can stay responsible and pay off what you put on your credit card, it can end up being a lot better than using your debit.

I guess she got the last laugh on that lady, that bag of chips helped pay for her flight!


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TikTok, more than anything, wanted to know what credit card she had to pay for her flight!

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

This user said it was because older people view credit cards as something you use when you are out of money.

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

This person pointed out that the most important part of her message was to use the card RESPONSIBLY!vvvv

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

Many said paying off your credit card completely was the key to a good credit score!

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

And this user wished she heard this advice earlier!

Source: TikTok/@jamiespaldingg

“Will you be using credit or debit?”


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