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A Company’s Driver Vehicle Recklessly Cut Them Off, So They Called And Reported Them To Their Boss

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

The older I get, the more I really, REALLY can’t stand people who drive like total idiots.

It’s infuriating!

And this person decided to do something about it…

Check out what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Petty Revenge” page.

Instant revenge.

“I am in a country with strict traffic rules. Speed radars lined every road, capturing anyone pushing the speed limit.

Commercial vehicles had to sport a “How am I driving?” sticker with a working hotline, a detail that plays a role in this tale.

On my usual hour-long commute from home to work, the roads were laid out sensibly. The first lane was for speedsters, the next two for regular traffic, and the last two for big vehicles.

Cruising in the second lane with my car on cruise control, I suddenly noticed headlights flashing behind me.

Well, that’s annoying.

It was tailgating.

I instructed my buddy to snap a pic of the truck and its number ( this things some time escalate quickly).

Checking my speed, I was riding the edge of the limit.

The truck was persistently signaling for me to change lanes, which was odd for the second lane.

Ignoring it, I maintained my speed.

The truck, clearly frustrated, jumped to the third lane and darted back in front of me. We were both doing about 130 km/h. Anticipating a brake check, I braced myself.

Well, look at that!

As expected, he hit the brakes, I slowed down, and he resumed flashing the vehicle ahead.

I noticed a fancy company number on his sticker. Dialing the number, I got through to the owner, a gentleman managing a small company.

I explained the reckless driving situation and hinted at reporting to the police unless he intervened.

During the call, I overheard the owner giving the driver an earful.

Simultaneously, I observed the truck slowing down below the speed limit, the driver chatting on the phone without a hands-free device.

The owner thanked me, promised to address the issue, and we hung up.

Post-call, after some thought, I uploaded the Photos to the police assistance app upon reaching home, seeking appropriate action.

The photos showcased the truck’s maneuvers – overtaking, squeezing into my lane, brake checking, and flashing.

Today, I received a message, acknowledging the report and confirming that necessary action was underway. Justice served.”

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That driver doesn’t sound too bright, do they?

To each their own, I guess.

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