June 5, 2024 at 11:51 pm

A Hard-Working Employee Got Hassled For Taking A Short Break, So They Decided To Stop Working For Free

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

If an employee is productive, why on Earth do some bosses get in their way and make things more complicated?

All it does is discourage the employee and mess up their routine!


Well, the person you’re about to hear from got pretty fed up and decided to handle things their own way.

Take a look!

Boss wasn’t happy with me taking a small break every day.

“I’ve worked at my current company for around 3 years now and it’s fair to say I’ve earned a reputation of a hard working employee.

I would typically get in an hour early (didn’t like sitting in traffic every day) and leave around 10 minutes after my day was supposed to end, since it was my choice to come in early I had no problem staying until when everyone else did.

One thing…

One difference however was that I would take a small 10-15 minute break an hour or two into the working day to grab breakfast.

After some recent changes in management however my new boss had a discussion about the break that I was taking and he told me that I must be working during my contracted hours.

Are you sure about that?

So, around 2 weeks ago I stopped coming in early, I got into work 1 minute before I was meant to start, took every minute of my lunch break and finished as soon as the clock ticked over to 5 pm.

A few days into the changes a lot of upper management noticed the changes and I suspect they’ve spoken with my manager to find out why I’ve changed.

Their loss…

Safe to say that my company now probably loses out on 7-8 hours of unpaid overtime every week now, all because my manager didn’t like me taking a 10 minute break.”

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Some bosses just don’t get it…

And end up shooting themselves in the foot.

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