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Annoying Man Wouldn’t Give Up His Parking Spot, So The Committee Took It Away From Him For A Year

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

Living in communities can be a task, especially when you know that people can turn against you because of one wrong move.

Usually people need to make compromises and return favors to build a happy community, but sometimes, things just don’t go your way.

In today’s story, a guy made a scene over a parking spot for one day, and lost his spot for a whole year!

Don’t want to move your car for one day. Lose your convenient parking spot for a year.

This happened on last 26th January and today the malicious compliance was done not by me but the committee of the society where I live.

This drama conveniently happened in front of my window.

In my city the residential complexes are managed by housing societies much like the HOA system in the USA, just not as horrible.

Each society has their own committee to manage day to day affairs.

Also, as my society has much more parking spaces then it has cars, it has no designated parking spots allotted to the residents.

Anyone can park their vehicle wherever they want but it must be a marked parking spot.

Without a designated spot, we know there is trouble ahead..

People mostly park their cars in the same parking spot just because of convenience and habit.

Everyone mostly respects each others spot and I have never seen any confrontations happening because of the parking.

So, those of you who don’t know, 26th January is the Republic day of India and all over the country the day is celebrated by flag hoisting ceremony in the morning.

The flagpole of our society where the flag hoisting ceremony will be held is just in front of main gate of society.

There are two parking spaces just under the flagpole.

All other parkings are further away from main gate and you have to walk some distance to reach there from the main gate.

The thing to note is that these two parkings are very very convenient for all the flats which are facing this flagpole.

It’s really sweet of the society members to leave a spot for one in need

However, out of respect people have left one of the parking for one elderly person whose flat faces the flagpole and the other spot is taken up by a annoying kind of person who never moves his car from this place, else someone will steal his spot.

If this person wants to get into his car he just has to walk a dozen feet from his front door.

On the evening of 25th January committee members asked this person to move his car for a day so that the decorations and other arrangements for the next day’s flag hoisting can be made.

Someone had already moved the car of the elderly person.

That’s fair, this person could have moved his car for one day.

However, the annoying guy was too frustrated about moving the car and first argued a lot with committee people saying that there is no such rule in society rule book that someone has to move their car for any kind of festivities and if you want to move his car you have to write a rule in the rule book.

He made a scene for just ONE DAY!

After a lot of arguments and interference of other people he finally moved his car.

The decorations were done in the night and next day a small but beautiful ceremony was held.

And obviously, there were consequences to his actions.

AND in the evening of 26th everyone in the society received a message that there was an emergency meeting of the committee.

The rule book has been amended and it has been decided that those 2 parking spots have to be converted into one and anyone who wants to park in that one spot has to take prior permission from the society committee.

As expected only two people applied for that parking spot- the elderly person and the annoying guy.

And today the committee unanimously decided that the elderly person is in much more need of that convenient parking spot because of his age and that spot has been allotted to him for one year.

The committee made a wise decision here!

Now the annoying guy has to park his car far from his front door for at least 1 year (pretty sure that he is not going to get the spot next year too). He is not going to like this more in the coming rainy season.

OH and wait for the cherry on top

As we live in Mumbai which is notorious for its horrible monsoon rains each year. All this just because he didn’t want to move his car for one day.

Some people will cause trouble for no reason without weighing down the consequences.

Let’s see what people on Reddit think about this story.

This person had a sweet advice for the elderly.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person can’t understand why the annoying guy wants to park in that very spot!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person believes that this isn’t a story of a malicious compliance and that it’s a just decision made by a community.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person believes that the committee simply retaliated against a person going against the community guidelines.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person has a comparison to make over housing societies in America and India.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This story is more of how a community worked together to give a righteous spot to the most deserving person.

GEEZ! That was some drama over a parking spot!

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