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Part-Time Neighbors Caused Trouble For Full-Timers With A Small RV, So They Got Revenge By Replacing It With A Much Bigger One

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Lesson can be learned through schools, parents and LIFE.

Today’s story is about a person who got enlightened by life through a neighbor’s experience with community.

Their neighbor’s were uptight and wanted things done their way and they saw the consequences of doing so.

Let’s find out what happened!

Don’t like something that doesn’t affect you? Then don’t try and change it.

This jolly little tale takes us back almost a decade to the spring/summer of 2008.

But first a little background to set the story.

When my grandmother passed away, she left my dad her house. A small little single floor place in small community in a fairly rural area along the Potomac River.

I spent many summers here fishing and engaging in other fun water related activities, while making friends with the kids of the houses across the street.

Their pleasant vacations were met by a dramatic story..

Being a bit of a river community (there was a private beach, and pier for HOA members) you would get a lot of people who bought a house for the weekends with the intent to retire there.

The primary parties involved here are: 1) House of crazyrabidotter: my parents and I 2) House of Moomba: our neighbors across the street 3) House of RV: longtime friends of HoM 4) House of Fun: the family behind HoM 5) Grumpy Old People: house directly to the west of HoM

Everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood and they also mingled together to have fun!

Many years before the incident, as all members of the Houses got a log, interacted, kids played etc, HoRV and HoM got to talking.

You see, HoRV had a small class C rv, not to big, about 20ish feet IIRC. And wouldn’t it be cool to bring that up and keep it on HoM’s property to function as extra sleeping space, etc on all these fun weekends?

The next weekend, the rv is brought up, parked in HoM’s side yard parallel to the street on the east side of the house.

All goes well for several years until the spring up 2008.

Some people seemed to have been conspiring in the neighborhood..

You see, the GOP had decided that they were going to spend more time at their river house.

Where they used to come down every couple of months, and hide out in their home, they are now coming down every weekend trying to be social, and having friends and family with them.

The rv however was apparently making this impossible. Never mind the fact that they couldn’t actually see it, as it was completely hidden by HoM’s house.

So GOP comes up with a plan.

What happens next is crazy! They were just not ready to give up!

They complain to the community HOA. Several times. Enough that the HOA feels they should get involved. So HOA starts pestering HoM to have the RV removed.

HoM says “lol, no” because the HOA rules and regs have nothing in them about keeping RV’s on property, etc, HOA has no leg to stand on in the situation.

They have to tell GOP to bad, so sad, better luck next time.

GOP decided that this isn’t good enough, so if the HOA doesn’t have a rule or regulation that helps, they will create one.

At the next board meeting, a motion is created, and gains some support.

GOP however goes beyond the rv, and are now wanting to include other things as well, tractors, boats decrepit out buildings.

They very quickly lose support as this would now cause problems with a lot of the current HOA members and board members.

The motion falls on its face.

You would think the story would end at one downfall? Well the GOP had more plans!

You would think this was the end of it, but no, GOP just couldn’t let such an injustice go.

So after licking their wounds from the failed motion to change the HOA bylaws, they make an anonymous tip to the county about some nonsense about people living inside an RV.

Keep in mind that HoC, HoM, HoRV and HoF are all weekenders, and don’t actually live there.

One sunny afternoon, while the Lord and Lady of HoM are outside doing a little yard work, an official county person stops by to investigate the claims of people living full time in an RV.

This is very quickly discovered to be not true, and the county official goes on their merry way. But the complaints keep coming in. county officials keep having to come out.

Naturally enough, with all the drama going on, things started to get on the nerves of some people in the neighborhood

This goes on for a few months, HoM and HoRV are beyond annoyed. HoC and HoF are irritated. HoC has talked to many of the surrounding neighbors.

We have a long ties to the community, and know many of them very well, and are on very good terms.

We ask around, and from the grapevine learn that it is GOP that is filing all the complaints, in fact there is a rumor floating around that one of the reasons GOP is doing this, is because they wanted to buy HoM’s property before HoM did, and are bitter they were not able to.

There is a lot of back and forth with the county government peoples.

While no one actually lives in the rv, people do occasionally stay in it on weekends.

After a lot of complains and back and forth, they did seem to have been victorious for a little while.. But that was short lived!

After a few months, the county decides this is ok, but the RV will have to be moved.

Its current location on the property, puts it in direct line of sight of the street, so it needs to move behind the house.

HoM and HoRV are fine with this. Because it turns out that HoRV was planning on selling the little rv, in order to buy a larger one that they would eventually travel around the country in after they retired.

So the little rv gets driven off on a nice Sunday, and GOP is ecstatic.

They think they have won. Imagine their surprise the next weekend when a big honking 5th wheel gets parked exactly where the county said it could be parked.

They ended up learning their lesson!

In the back of HoM’s property, in clear view of the nice screened in patio that GOP just finished building.

Don’t like knowing a small RV is on your neighbor’s property out of your sight?

Tough, cause all that complaining means you and your wife get to stare at it every time you drag your self-centered a**es outside.

They did face some KARMA here for causing so much trouble!

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That’ll show ’em!

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