June 3, 2024 at 4:42 pm

Apartment Living Can Be A Challenge, But When Her Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Vacuuming The Hard Floors, She Couldn’t Hold Her Tongue

by Ashley Ashbee

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Some people have trouble focusing when they’re on a work call and can hear their neighbor vacuuming.

It might even embarrass them. But what can you do?

This person figured there had to be something, and gave it the old college try.

AITA for asking my upstairs neighbor to not vacuum her hard floors?

My neighbor moved in above me about a month ago.

Before she moved in, the complex renovated her unit so she has all hard floors except in the bedrooms.

(Unrenovated units like mine are all carpeted.)

Everything has been fine so far, except for at some point every week she vacuums her floors.

You could put all the responsibility on the neighbor.

Now, obviously I understand her vacuuming the carpeted areas or her rugs. But she vacuums the hard floors too.

It can go on for about half an hour.

The issue is that I work from home and she vacuums in the middle of the day when I’m on meetings.

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on my meetings when this happens.

I finally went up and knocked on her door and explained the situation to her.

You could then also make outrageous suggestions about how she should deal with it.

She was very apologetic, and asked when is a better time for her to vacuum so that she doesn’t disturb me.

I asked why she needed to vacuum her hard floors as opposed to just sweeping or Swiffering.

She said that she has a cat, so she actually vacuums AND Swiffers. That’s the only way she can be sure that she gets all of the hair up.

I told her that she should consider switching to both sweeping and Swiffering instead of vacuuming.

She said that wasn’t possible, but said that she would make every attempt to vacuum during non-work hours.

I asked that she also make sure not to do it too late in the day either, and she basically just closed the door, which made me think maybe I was an AH.

But, I mean, I have to be able to do my job.


Let’s see what people in the comments have to say.

Older buildings tend to be noisier. Get over it!

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OMG a whole half hour once a week? Unbearable!

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Coworking spaces, libraries and even coffee shops are great options.

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She has clearly never tried to clean up fur.

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She was super classy about it.

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Maybe princess should get a house in the countryside since she works from home.

It’s the only way to live without noise.

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