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Employee Showed Up To Work 1 Minute Late A Few Times And The Boss Scolded Them. Here’s How They Got Revenge

by Heather Hall

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance/Unsplash/Damian Patkowski

Being on time to work is one of those things that many employees struggle with. The good news is that most employers don’t mind as long as it’s within a few minutes of your scheduled start time. But not always!

What happens when your boss scolds you for being just one minute late? Do you apologize and do better? Or do you get sweet revenge?

The following story is about an employee who was one minute late a few times, and the boss found it to be a problem.

Let’s take a look at what happened when the person took matters into their own hands.

Boss is power hungry and told me to be “on time”, so i changed my work times a bit

So, I did my apprenticeship with this Company and after the 3 years i moved to a standard IT Position at a plant near my home.

The first six months went great and the communication with colleagues and boss where good until one day. He wanted to talk to me about a few things, but one stuck out like a sore thumb.

Apparently, even one minute is too late for some bosses.

He asked me to pull my time sheet up where all our log in and log out of work times are safed.

He told me to be on time because I was too late 3 times in the last 2 months. He would check it regularly and would get back in touch if it happens again.

The funny thing is, I was 1 !! minute too late on these days because of traffic reasons ( I drive 25-30 min), and I also stayed longer on these days! So he told me to better plan for it and he wants me to be here exactly at 6.

Enraged, this person decided to take matters into their own hands.

I was furious about this. It seemed like such a useless complaint and just a way of keeping me under control and to mark him as the boss.

Normally, I would come in at like 5:50 (work time only starts at 6) and leave around the 13:50 mark (work ends at 13:45 and paid overtime starts 31 min after closing time).

I would start working before 6 with easy work like mails and stuff and worked a bit over time because I had to pack up.

Bosses should be careful what they wish for.

Now, I just drink coffee and stand around while looking at my phone until it is exactly 6:00 and I log in.

No min early, no min late.

He wants me to work exactly at 6 ok. I will, but I will also leave when my time is done.

I pack my things neatly, so I can log out exactly at 13:45 and I dont stay longer because I need to be on time!

Overall he lost work time with useless power tripping, he never mentioned the change because he cant do anything about it.

Yikes! It’s clear that this person liked their job and didn’t mind staying late when needed. The boss probably should’ve just moved on and ignored the behavior.

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This example is proof that some people should not be placed in positions of power.

As a wise person once said, “Always pick your battles wisely.”

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