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Her Dad Wouldn’t Stop Snooping Through Her Stuff, So She Made Him So Uncomfortable He’ll Never Do It Again

by Matthew Gilligan

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Folks who can’t seem to mind their own business just need to be put in their place.

And that’s a fact, Jack!

So what’s a person to do when their own dad wouldn’t stay out of their stuff?

Check out what this woman did, we think you’ll be impressed!

Petty revenge on my nosey dad.

“I (30F) have been called a petty person since I was 5 years old.

I only get that side of me out when I have been wronged, or any of my loved ones.

This happened spring 2017. I was 23 years old and I lived with my dad (59M) who was 52 years old back then.

I had moved in the start of 2017 because of my health and my dad wanted to look after me.

Her dad sounds like a piece of work.

Here is little info about my dad: I have 3 siblings who shares the same parent. My dad only has contact with me.

He is a character within himself and he is very nosey and crosses boundaries as he likes.

This is a reason why I did what I did and he had to learn the hard way.

Even if I was 23, my dad would have a hard time with accepting I was an adult.

We lost contact when I was 12 and didn’t get in contact again until I was 21, so he missed a big part of my upbringing and didn’t really want to see me as a grown woman.

I was in a relationship and even if my ex was sharing my bed, my dad ignored what could happen in the bed. He rejected the fact that I was ******** active.

But still my dad went through my stuff every time I left the apartment.

I always noticed things being misplaced and out of order, so in the beginning I always asked my dad if he had been looking for something in my room.

He couldn’t mind his own business.

He heavily denied it every single time, but later on could make a comment or two about something he had been seeing around my stuff and question me about it…

But he didn’t look through my stuff?

Of all of his children, I am the least social amongst us. I prefer my space and alone time, which doesn’t fit my dad’s way of being.

He has always pushed me to be more social, but he often jokes that because of my mouth I will never get married or keep a guy in my life because I am stubborn and independent.

Either way, the day came when I noticed my stash was open.

I had a small box where I kept small amounts of bills, in the back of my closet underneath my travel bag.

Uh oh…

In the box I had put down the amount on a paper, so I counted the money and it didn’t add up.

I confronted my dad and yet again he denied ever being in my room.

The more I asked the more defensive he got, so I made my plan.

That night I said that I must have been mistaken about the amount I had, but that I would exchange the money for larger bills and put it in the bedside table.

The bed and bedside table were at the far end of the room, so if Dad had a visitor at home, no one would want to go all the way in and risk being caught.

My dad agreed.

So the next day I did just that and I came home and left the box in the drawer of my nightstand.

Y’all ready for this?!?!

Here is what I did: I had a *** toy, a rabbit toy, which I’m amazed dad never found. I left it on the box and had a small pen standing next to it.

So if you open the drawer, the pen will fall and tell me that the drawer had been open. This drawer had a lock, but I purposely left it unlocked.

The reason I didn’t use the drawer before this is because the key had been gone, but I found a small chisel that I managed to lock with and used it until I moved out.

When all was done, I waited. I had an appointment 3 days after and I went by myself.

My dad has never been good with money and he had said that he wanted to go out and shop.

Making up an excuse if borrowing money from a friend. T

his was nonsense because I knew that friend didn’t want to borrow my dad more money, so I knew my dad would take money from me.

When I returned home, my dad avoided eye contact with me. I said nothing and went to my room.

How’d you like that?!?!

I opened the drawer and yes the pen was down. My dad had seen my toy.

That day I was overly social and wanted to hang around my dad as much as I could.

Still, no eye contact. If I sat to close to him, he made excuses to get up and do something.

Since that day he has never gone through my stuff again.

When I visit now, my room door can be wide open and my dad won’t get too close. Like it is an invisible fence in the way and will shock him if he gets too close.

When I told my siblings about it, they laughed good but also said:

It’s so typical you to use dad’s fear and make him so uncomfortable that he has to runaway from you.”

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Mind your own business, Dad!

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