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Boss Demanded A Doctor’s Note To Work From Home, So Employee Got One For Ten Months. They Fired Him After, So He Threatened To Sue And Got Paid.

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance/Pexels/oliadanilevich

The pandemic put a strain on everyone, but when you’re struggling with personal problems on top of work, it can make life extra hard.

For this person, he needed to work from home in order to focus on his sobriety, but his boss made that difficult. Luckily, he found a way to make it work.

Let’s get the full story…

“If you feel sick, go see a doctor!” “Okay Boss” – KACHING

About 10 months ago, I was going through a very hard time in my life. My job, my marriage, my family – everything was failing, including me who had relapsed into alcoholism.

Then the pandemic came on top. I desperately needed a break, or at least some slack.

Since I was regarded an essential employee (IT-Helpdesk Admin Grunt), my employer blocked all of my inquiries for some home office to catch a breath, get some distance between me and a certain micromanaging “unofficial Team lead” and maybe even find enough time and power to tackle some of my personal problems.

Home Office would have meant saving 3 hours drive daily.

This seemed like a great thing…

Little background information: this was during a time where laws and policies changed almost weekly. Can’t say if at that moment home office was even mandatory (if possible), but at least the whole world already / still agreed everyone should stay home if possible.

Except my employer, who told me there’s no home office – no, not even some hours after lunch break – and to go see a doctor if I didn’t feel well enough to work.

So I did. And the Doc shook his head about my employer and gave me a sick note. And another one. And another one…. until today.

And I made good use of this time. As of today, I am 241 days sober. My divorce is lined up and my Ex has recently finally moved out.

The employer had a bad response…

Never in this time did my employer reach out to me, not even once – well, someone from work I didn’t really have anything to do with contacted me on a private channel, so I guess that was them eavesdropping.

Until some weeks ago, when they sent me my dismissal; this I had been waiting for, since they are legally not allowed to do that (in my case at least).

He used his employee protections…

Thankfully, I have always been a fan of Unions. Not a Fanboy, but they DO have their advantages one shouldn’t miss out on – like free legal counsel.

Now, after some “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain”, I have agreed to leave this toxic workplace in exchange for coin. Those coins will help me replace the stuff my Ex wife took with her.

I ain’t even mad.

Let’s see how Reddit reacted…

This commenter praised OP!

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Another Reddit user says they’re winning the battle.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

Everyone sent their praises on his sobriety.

Source: Reddit/maliciouscompliance

The lesson here is to always take care of your mental and physical health.

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