June 21, 2024 at 2:48 pm

Job Seeker Shows A Ridiculous Job That Pays $24/Hour And Requires A Masters And International Travel

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

Getting a job when you’re new in a field is nerve-wracking enough.

It’s even more difficult when you’re trying to get a job in a market that undervalues you and is super competitive.

Job seeker and TikToker @calbinogenome, whose name is Cal, knows this very well.

He ranted about a typical job ad in one of his videos.

He says you need a “Bachelor’s degree, preferably a Masters degree in biochemistry,” to get this job.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

He also says it requires “five years experience in an industry that has existed for about 12 years,” but doesn’t say why he is suggesting a new industry shouldn’t expect much experience.

The frustration in his voice, plus his gestures and facial expressions say it all. He is sick and tired of this.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

He also says the ad asks for “The ability to travel both domestically and internationally up to two weeks of the year.”

It would be interesting to see what costs that would involve and how they would burden a family with low income.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

Cal ends the video with a sarcastic smile and lilt in his voice while he says, “How much do you think this company is offering for someone in this position?”

He invites his viewers to comment their guesses.

“$24 per hour — not even salary… $48K a year for this job.”

Watch the full clip here.


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Here’s what folks are saying about this video.

I’m not familiar with either, but I know they’re for totally different things.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

I was relieved to see people chiming in on what good employers will pay. It seems Cal’s example may not be typical.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

This made me sad. I hope she finds a better job.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

I saw this kind of thing so much in job ads before I decided to freelance. I see it as code for ridiculous hours, low pay and toxic managers.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

Wow! Why? I wonder if they’re deterring applicants so they can hire internally.

Source: Reddit/@calbinogenome

Consider not bothering with job ads. A lot of them aren’t real, are toxic or are too competitive to give you a shot.

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