June 1, 2024 at 6:35 pm

Savvy Shopper Lets You Know Where You Can Snag Birthday Freebies From Places Like Sephora And Bath & Body Works

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

We all need a bit of a treat on our birthday and this TikTok hack will get you some freebies on your special day – yeow!

What’s not to love?

Apparently some companies offer rewards when it’s your birthday, and @itsjennalu is giving her followers the downlow on where to go on your special day of the year.

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

She told her followers: “I love free stuff, OK? Like, I will do anything to get something for free.”

She also says that every birthday she gets free food – nice!

But this year she decided she wanted more freebies that are non food related.

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

She told her followers she got a $25 credit from Madewell and bought a tank top and shorts with it at a clearance.

“It only cost me, like, $2 for this entire outfit,” she said.

She revealed for those who have a Bath and Body Works app, they can pick up a free item of their choice on their birthday.

She chose a Love You hand soap and she also got a free Calypso Clementine mini body wash with coupons.

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

While Loft sent her $10. “So, I got this little shirt. I’m gonna wear it to work,” she said, showing off a long sleeved white shirt.

While retailer Aerie gave her a $5 birthday reward. And she picked up sunglasses with it, adding $2 to cover the retail price.

She told her followers how Sephora also gifts customers a free beauty item on their birthday.

“Yeah, I got this little Youth To The People skincare on,” she said, showing off a square box.

This woman’s retail freebie tips go on and on, so her post is well worth checking out!

Watch the full clip here:


i spent $24.34 for everything 🤑 #birthdayfreebies #birthday #birthdayfreebies2024

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Folks reacting.

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu


Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

Women who got this already!

Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

I mean, every little bit helps.

Happy Birthday to us!

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