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When His Neighbors Didn’t Clean Up Their Leaves, He Did It For Them And Left The Pile On Their Porch To Teach Them a Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pixabay

Leaf wars…it’s real and you hear stories about them all the time…

And here’s another one for you to chew on!

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AITA for dumping the neighbor’s leaves on their porch?

“Asking on behalf of my brother who did the leaf moving.

So, it’s Autumn in North America. Autumn means leaves. My family and I live in a neighborhood with an HOA (stow the complaints, ours isn’t completely psycho) so leaves have to be cleaned up and in lawn refuse bags.

It’s usually an every weekend job until the leaves stop falling, but it’s not so bad since we have a leaf blower/vacuum. Our next door neighbors are a young couple but not terribly friendly.

They’ve ignored everyone in the neighborhood since they moved in, and in the warmer months, they were slow to cut their grass (think months between cuts).

I think the only reason it didn’t reach abandoned lot proportions was because of the HOA.

They’re not taking care of things…

Since the leaves started falling, their leaves have been piling up for weeks while everyone else on the street has cleaned up their leaves.

My street is on a hill, and we are downhill from them, and I assume the HOA threatened them, so on Monday morning, we awoke to all of their leaves in the street, piled around the front of my car on the street.

No bags, just a loose pile large enough to be in the way of me getting to my car without having to move leaves.

Here you go!

So my brother marched outside, carefully cleaned up all of the leaves…and then dumped everything into a huge pile all over their porch, blocking the door from opening.

Please note, that house has two other easily accessible exits and they don’t use their front door much.

When my neighbors came home that evening, they were furious and started asking neighbors who had done it.

Even though several people had seen my brother, as soon as he explained, no one stopped him, and I don’t think anyone ratted him out, either.

I only heard part of the conversation my dad had with the husband, and it went as far as, “Your yard is your problem.”

People are split on this one.

My mom thinks my brother’s a jerk for not just cleaning them up and is worried he’ll get in trouble if they have a security camera catching him moving them to their porch.

My dad thinks it’s hilarious and deserved for dumping in the street and by proxy, on what’s in front of our property.

If a fine had been issued, we would have been fined for them, and we have footage showing them dumping their leaves on purpose right where they were. All my brother said to my mom was, “I was just returning the leaves they lost.”

What do you guys think. Is he an *******?”

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Another person thinks their brother is pretty funny.

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I mean, they started it.

Immaturity was the name of their game.

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