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Mean Girls Wanted A “Sister” Out Of Their Sorority, But Their Scheming Ended With Them On The Losing End

by Melissa Triebwasser

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Being a part of Greek Life in college can be a really positive experience for a lot of people. But when it goes wrong, it can go really wrong.

This story from Reddit brings some real “Mean Girls” vibes to a sorority at one large midwestern university, but at the end of the day, the victim had the last laugh.

How one mis-sent text dismantled an entire sorority hierarchy

I was a member of a PHA sorority in college at a large midwestern university. My group of friends and I were not exactly the sorority type but we had a really great time hanging out.

Sorority life is pretty boring for the most part until my junior year when the executive board consisted of all the girls that didn’t like my friends and I. They didn’t like that we went to townie bars, they didn’t like that we were a little grungy, and they thought that we were a bad reflection on the group.


Will it matter that the author and her friends weren’t “cookie cutter” copies of their sorority sisters?

That year I was in more trouble with our sorority e-board than I’ve ever been in my life.

I was fined for wearing a denim jacket to formal chapter under the “no denim clothing” rule that is meant to prevent girls from wearing jeans. I was fined for missing a chapter meeting to go to the hospital with a friend (they claimed I wasn’t excused because I wasn’t the one who was injured or sick, even though I drove her), I was fined for drinking at formal (later taken back because I was over 21), etc.

It became pretty clear they were trying to wear us down and make life so miserable that we would quit.

These girls are working hard to push the author out of their chapter. Will they be successful?

The final straw came during our big charity event for the year. It’s an all-night food event where we sell tickets and serve food to people on campus. We held it at the sorority house and all of the girls are required to work a three hour shift that evening.

I went and did my shift early along with all the e-board girls. The early slot is really sought after because you can still go out and party that night. I did my shift and left to go do karaoke with my friends.

Checked the box and went on with her night. Surely nothing could go wrong here!

The next day I get an email saying that the e-board wants to see me. They call me in and claim that they’re going to fine me because they didn’t see me working the event and that I skipped out.

I tell them that I worked the first shift and that my friend who did sign-ups can confirm that I signed in and worked the event.

Wait… didn’t she work WITH members of the e-board?!

They claim that they don’t trust her because they know we’re friends and they think she’s covering for me. In fact, they won’t take any of my friends word for it because they think they’ll lie for me.

Then I tell them that I worked the same shift as them and that one of them had to have seen me there. Nope!

She DID work with them! But they are willing to lie about it, it seems.

I’m told that they’re going to recommend me for suspension for lying about my philanthropy hours among other “issues” I’ve had all semester.

At this point I’m angry.

I’m in my apartment scrolling through Instagram when I see one of the girls in my sorority has posted a photo from the event where I’m clearly pictured in the background. Great! I take a screenshot and send it to the president of our chapter to prove that I was there.

Problem solved. We can all go on with our lives. Unless…

I get nothing back for a few minutes until suddenly, I get a text from our president.

I’m expecting an apology, but what I got was so much better.

I can’t wait to see how this one turns.

She’d screenshotted my texts and sent them back to me by mistake thinking she was sending them to someone else. In it she was trashing me to who I can only assume she thought were the other e-board members, calling me a b**** and saying that it didn’t matter because they’d get me suspended for something else.


I said nothing and instead took screenshots of those and immediately emailed them to our National Office. I included all the bs fines I’d be hit with over the semester, the photos proving I was at the event they claimed I didn’t attend, and the texts that proved they’d been targeting me for months.

I hear nothing further from our e-board about my looming suspension.

One problem has been solved, but another bigger problem is on the horizon. But not for our author!

Our next chapter meeting rolled around and our president and vp were nowhere to be found. Our National Office sent in a few representatives and told everyone they were conducting interviews into some allegations about bullying and targeted harassment.

The investigation ended up revealing that our e-board had created a list of “undesirables” that they had targeted and wanted kicked out or forced to quit. They even had a group chat where they planned out how they were going to get us all kicked out or make us so miserable that we just quit.

S*** hit the fan and nearly our entire e-board got kicked out of our sorority.

My did that one take a turn! Let’s see what the folks of Reddit have to say about this shady sisterhood.

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Revenge is a dish best served with a side of “sisterhood”!

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