June 2, 2013 at 10:01 am

Picture of the Day: Ponthus’ Beech

by twistedsifter




Ponthus' Beech



In this incredible photograph by Christophe Kiciak, we see the beautiful Ponthus’ Beech, located in Brocéliande forest in Bretagne, France.

According to Kiciak:

“Different stories exist, but a common one is that Ponthus, a knight of the round table, lived in a castle there, somewhere around the 10th century. He was disappointed by the fact he had no child, and blasphemed about it. God punished him by destroying his castle in a storm, and the tree grew on its ruins.”


Kiciak said although it is well-known, the tree is actually quite difficult to reach and is technically located in a private part of the forest. You can learn more about his journey and the process to take such an amazing photograph by checking out the photo on Flickr.

If you like this, click here to see Ponthus’ Beech in Autumn!



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