December 18, 2023 at 12:58 pm

‘Can you maybe not take all of it?’ – Freeloading Friends Load Up Leftovers On Their Way Out Of A Dinner Party, So Host Finally Snaps

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Like families, long-standing friend groups all have their particular dynamics. People fill their roles, arguments have long been had and dismissed, and on and on.

In OP’s friend group, there is one person who never pays their fair share. While it might have annoyed them at first, they have all just accepted that’s how it is (and apparently decided her company is enough or a contribution).

There is one friend of ours that’s a bit of a moocher. Whenever we go out she never pays for stuff, whether it’s the dinner bill, tickets for the movies etc, we always end up paying for her.

But everyone accepted this and doesn’t really have an issue with it.

Recently, though, she’s been bringing her boyfriend along – and even though they both have jobs, he never offers to pay for himself or her either.

However recently, it’s become worse.

She’s been dating this guy for a couple of months and she brings him everywhere with her, even when he’s not invited. So now we have two people to pay for.

Also I feel like I have to say that they have jobs, they’re not struggling. It’d be different if they were broke, then of course I wouldn’t mind.

Things came to a head when their group had a dinner party where everyone brought a dish that started with the same letter as their first name.

People really got into it, but of course the friend and her boyfriend showed up with nothing.

We decided to do the trend where we have a dinner and everybody brings a food that starts with the first letter of their name.

It was last night and everybody brought food and put a lot of effort into it.These two however showed up with absolutely nothing. Not even a bottle of soda.

We were annoyed but nobody said anything.

At the end of the night, the boyfriend was putting all of the leftover ribs into a takeaway container. OP made a comment about leaving some for someone else.

It wasn’t until the end of the night when they were leaving, that I cracked a little.

The friend’s bf was taking home ALL the bbq ribs that were left. I repeat, ALL of it and it was a lot. Like damn, be considerate at least.

He emptied the entire tray of ribs into a container.

That’s when I politely asked “Can you maybe not take all of it? The others might want some too.”

He got all defensive and asked “Why are you treating me like I’m stealing all the food?”

I clarified that I never said such a thing and that I only asked that he didn’t take ALL of it.

He got angry, plopped the ribs back and said, “Fine, I don’t need your food.”

I replied, “It kinda seems like you do and to be honest, you shouldn’t have eaten at all since you didn’t contribute again, as usual.”

The guy took offense and so did her friend, and now they’re not speaking to her. OP is wondering if she should have just left well enough alone.

Then my friend came, took him and just left without saying anything. Now apparently, she’s angry with us…mainly me.

Most of my friend group doesn’t think I did anything wrong but there are a couple who are saying that I shouldn’t have said anything.

The thing is that I didn’t even say anything to my friend because I don’t mind that she doesn’t contribute.

Her boyfriend was the one irritating me. He eats the most food but doesn’t contribute, drinks the most alcohol – doesn’t contribute, orders really expensive meals at restaurants – doesn’t contribute towards the bill.

I guess I got kind of annoyed and snapped at him.

I tried phoning her to clarify that I don’t have any issue with her but she’s ignoring me.

I dunno, maybe I should’ve left well enough alone.

Does Reddit think she should have kept her mouth shut? Let’s find out!

The top comment says OP and her friends have let this go on for too long.

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This person says OP and her friend should definitely put their foot down.

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It’s the expectation that’s baffling.

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This commenter agrees this girl is no kind of friend.

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OP should for sure be mad at her friend.

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It is wild to think this has gone on for so long.

A tough but necessary watershed moment.

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