December 20, 2023 at 8:44 am

Woman Shares Medical Hack For Those Who Attend Festivals And Don’t Have A Lot Of Money

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

It’s no secret that medical costs are crazy, but this festival goer has revealed a neat trick for those in need!

@camisplaylist told her followers on TikTok how she actually took a friend who was in need for medical treatment to a festival.

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

Why a festival?

She reveals: “When healthcare in the the U.S is so expensive you take your friend to a music festival so he can get his sore throat checked at the medical tent for free.”

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

And the internet reacted with others saying they’d done the exact same thing – gone to festivals for free healthcare – to swerve those huge costs.

America, something’s gotta give!

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

Watch the full clip here:


no literally is cheaper to go to a music festival then the hospital and you get a concert as a lil treat after so • #wwwyf #music #festival #emo #alt #bands #fyp #whenwewereyoungfest

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Here’s what people thought of the festival medical care:

Well, this guy beats everyone really… (EDC stands for Electric Daisy Carnival)

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

Lots of claims… but it’s hard to distinguish which ones are for real.

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

And this one… I think we all know what they’re talking about. EDC stands for Electric Daisy Carnival, btw.

Source: TikTok/@camisplaylist

Why can the United States figure this out?

A frustrating “state” of affairs.

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