January 24, 2024 at 5:38 pm

New Boss Wouldn’t Let Her Leave A Few Minutes Early, So She Scheduled A Whole Personal Day

by Trisha Leigh

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There is nothing better than working for a boss who understands the benefits of being laid-back with their employees.

Unless you work in an environment like a call center, where so many bodies need to be available every 15 minutes, letting someone come in 5 minutes late or leave 5 minutes early should be a no-brainer.

That’s how it was for OP, and it was great.

For background, my old boss used to be more flexible.

As long as we got our tasks done, if something came up and we needed to slip out a few minutes early, they never had much of an issue.

I rarely took advantage of it, but if I had to, I always made sure to make up those few minutes elsewhere.

Until they got a new boss who wouldn’t trade break time for end-of-day time.

This new boss comes along and is such a micromanager and control freak.

Now, we are not allowed to be even a minute late or leave a minute early.

We need to actually put in for PTO, either for a half or full day, just to be able to slip out a few minutes early.

I had an appointment one say and offered to work through my break time just to leave a few minutes early. Boss balked at the idea.

So, she took the whole day off – and what could he say?

I arranged ahead of time for a whole personal day off. I booked myself a massage and went out to lunch before my appointment.

Boss wasn’t happy with me for taking a personal day , especially since we’re currently short-staffed, but I did follow their policy.

I know Reddit enjoyed this simple and elegant compliance!

Absolutely no one likes a boss like this one.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And no, not all bosses are like this.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Seriously, this is how they should roll.

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This is how you lose good employees.

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And sure, there is always a happy medium.

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I wish more bosses understood their employees are human beings.

It would change so many lives if they could.

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