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His Ex Had Strict Rules About Who Could Watch Their Kids, So He Used It Against Her When She Asks For The Kids On A Off Week

by Matthew Gilligan

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Don’t you just love it when someone doesn’t follow the rules THAT THEY WROTE?

That was sarcasm, by the way…

It’s totally ridiculous!

And this guy is really going through it with his ex…

Check out what he had to say in this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page.

Start now!

Ex won’t follow divorce rule that she wrote.

“Ex (38f, who is my kids mom) really wanted right of first refusal in divorce agreement so she could get extra time with kids if I (39m) couldn’t watch them. Which is reasonable.

There were stipulations…

But she also wanted it specified that only grandparents and aunts and uncles could watch the kids if she passed on the right of first refusal. She wouldn’t admit it, but my lawyer suspected the reason she wanted to only allow those specific people was to exclude any romantic partner of mine from babysitting ever.

The kids’ parents would always get first dibs, though, so there was no good reason for that bit of it and honestly a long term partner is probably going to be better for the kids as a babysitter than my family who is hours away and some of them aren’t the most trustworthy.

He decided to give in.

I agreed to it in the final agreement under the condition that I get a makeup date any time she uses the right of first refusal (to avoid giving her the incentive to just say no to every date swap).

So fast forward to this weekend and I ask if she wants the kids under right of first refusal and she says yes, but that she -won’t- give me a make up overnight. Because the right of first refusal requires a make-up, I tell her that this counts as rejecting her right of first refusal.

Just following the rules!

She gets mad and says I should give her the kids anyway. So I say I need to follow the -exact- wording of the divorce agreement, and it says only grandparents and aunts and uncles can watch the kids (she didn’t put parents in there), so I’m not even legally allowed to let her watch the kids if she’s not going to follow the right of first refusal agreement.

Oh that felt sweet to use that stupid rule she created against her attempt to break the agreement. She was mad, but she finally agreed to a make up overnight in the end, which is the way it should have been in the first place.”

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Some people, I tell ya…

They just can’t get out of their own way!

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