March 25, 2024 at 6:32 am

Lawyer Warns That If You Live In A Storage Unit, Don’t Admit It On Camera Because It’s Illegal. – ‘Some people call you a trespasser.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

Lawyer and TikToker @theluncheonlawyer wants people to know the law and if you’re going to break it, don’t record yourself doing it and then post it on TikTok.

She praises TikToker @fullestness for his creative way around the housing crisis by living in a storage unit, but is baffled why he incriminated himself.

Here’s the video @theluncheonlawyer is responding to.


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“I’m scrolling (TikTok) and I see a video of a man living in a storage unit,” she explains, before leaning into the camera and squinting her eyes, baffled.

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

“The fact that you live in a storage unit is A-Ok by me. Some people call you a trespasser. I call you a financial planner.”

But then she breaks it to him.

“You can’t live in a storage unit. It is unlawful in most if not every state.”

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

Her real beef wasn’t that he broke the law.

She is sympathetic to his need for housing and appreciated his resourcefulness.

“But then you posted it on the internet.”

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

Check out the video…


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@fullestness and his family got kicked out of the storage unit after his video went viral, but there next destination was a free hotel instead of the street.

Here’s his update on their new housing situation.


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Here’s what people had to say.

Some people like this commenter didn’t know it was illegal.

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

A number of commenters thought the apartment “home” was staged.

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

This commenter feels it was a strategic moves to inspire donations.

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

This person thinks there was a better way he could have handled this.

Source: TikTok/@theluncheonlawyer

I mean… what did he expect?!

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