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Guy Gets Falsely Accused Of Abuse By His Ex-Girlfriend, So He Gathers Evidence Of Her Lies And Gets Her Fired

by Chris Allen

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Starting a relationship in the workplace can be a minefield!

One should probably tread extremely careful, especially when in your early 20s, when mixing work and dating life.

If things go south in the relationship, your reputation can suddenly be on the chopping block.

This guy’s story about a situation just like that is a big yikes in and of itself.

I got my ex gf excluded from the work environment because she bad-mouthed me after we broke up

When I started my first job [20m] while studying for a degree I met this woman who is a *****.

We started to hit into each other and everything went well.

She had an abusive bf and then they broke up so we started dating (that dating time was like 1 day lol). We finished the training phase so we started working attention calls for a s****y internet company.

The work was stressful to a mexican sales support because customers and reps treated us like s***. Enough background, let’s jump into the story.

Cue the (now ex) girlfriend’s allegations of abuse.

After we broke up for some stupid reason she made up (I forgot why), she started to say that I was abusive, even that I forced myself into her.

The thing is that people and me started to get all annoyed at her behaviour because EVERYONE knew how nice I was with the customers, managers and other people in my work environment.

Well, she continued throw **** at me so we all decided to record the conversations and messages trying to destroy my reputation.

We ended gathering like a 100 messages and even got her recorded being the “good person” she was against me.

The day arrived to present the gathered evidence to HR.

After a few weeks of gathering info, I went to HR to give my evidence against her because the rumors spread even to HR and they were trying to fire me.

I delivered the information and one by one of my coworkers started to being called to give their statements.

It took like 1 hour until every single one of my coworkers were called in. She got called, I got a big apology from HR for being targeted in a hostile environment and she was fired right away.

The thing is that she also needed the money for school and HR would not give her a recommendation letter from the company.

Then he stopped by the supermarket where she was employed next, and a bow was tied on the whole situation.

She dropped out of school and now working at a supermarket that, even if it is a lot of miles from where I usually bought my stuff, I still use it as my location to buy groceries and I went at the same hour she works at the same register*.

I just smile and say “how is school?” and then leave.

It is not that great of a revenge story but thank god ppl backed me up in the revenge.

B, if you are reading this…see you on Sunday at the supermarket. 😉

One person was really into this one.

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While another person was so-so on the execution.

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One commenter pointed out a line running through the story…

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While OP chimed in to make sure he was understood; that he wasn’t going to the supermarket and stalking her.

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Think she’ll attempt that again?

The answer is NO!