March 13, 2024 at 8:36 pm

Woman Goes To Walgreens And Dyes Her Grey Hairs In The Store Before Going Out On The Town. – ‘This is what it’s come to, OK?’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

Some people struggle with going grey too young and there’s no way society should be judging that at all.

Grey hair is beautiful too, but it’s understandable how someone in their 20s could be embarrassed by their hair colour making them appear older.

But they should try to remember that a lot of people literally dye their hair gray for the simple reason, that it’s cool.

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

But fashion editor @ _sierramayhew showed how much of an issue grays can be if you don’t like them.

She posted a clip of herself spraying temporary dye on her hair in Walgreens before a night out.

The TikToker said: “This is what it’s come to, OK? That’s my problem. Please tell me I’m not alone.”

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

The editor is 26 but said she’s felt 46-years-old since she was 19 because of gray hair. And she’s been concealing it for many years.

She told her followers how “This has been a silent struggle of mine for so long so I decided to open up about it since I can’t be the only one.”

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

Of course she’s not alone but if only people didn’t have to worry about gray hair because it’s cool!

Watch the full clip here:


It started when i was 19!! I’m a bit overdue for a color touch up and i forgot my temporary dye at home so i had to run to walgreens before dinner and do my touchup in the ailes lol this has been a silent struggle of mine for so long so i decided to open up about it since i can’t be the only one #grayhair #hairproblems #rootcoverup

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Here’s what people though of the clip:

Ah this ain’t it!

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

This put haters straight, or well, shoulda done…

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

Lot of love for the post too.

Source: TikTok/@_sierramayhew

Well… that’s one way to do it!

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