April 14, 2024 at 8:22 am

Nosy Customer Told Her She Was Eating French Food Incorrectly, So Her French Boyfriend Made Them Look Foolish In A Hilarious Way

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@sebastiancoman

Sure, the French are famous for their cuisine, but what about the way a person supposed to actually EAT THE FOOD when they’re in France?


Well, this woman got an earful from some folks, but luckily her husband stepped in to set the record straight.

Let’s see what happened…

Non-French people telling me how to eat French food.

“Currently in Paris with my partner and staying here for a month.

My in-laws (they’re French, this will be relevant) have an apartment in the city so we can stay for as long as we want.

Sounds tasty!

My partner was nearby taking a phone call so I went to a very touristy and popular cafe nearby to try their famous chocolat chaud and see what the hype is about..and croissant so I could dip it in the hot chocolate, a very popular breakfast for the French.

As I my order arrived, a family of 4 (parents, two daughters) sat at the table next to me.

I was tearing off a small piece of the croissant when the mom cleared her throat and said to me “uh, hon, it’s usually eaten with a fork and knife so your fingers don’t get greasy”

I turned and see all of their disapproving faces, silently judging me for being so uncultured.


“Oh, sorry”. And picked up my fork and knife.

I could see my partner walking towards me having finished his phone call, and I slowly cut my croissant with the knife and fork.

My partner saw me and burst out laughing.

He was like “what are you doing??”

So I turned innocently at the family and said “well they told me I have to eat it with a knife and fork so I won’t look uncultured.”

Showed them!

Partner turned to them and said in a very exaggerated French accent “madame, are you French?”

They all shook their heads no.

He continued “we only eat croissants with our hands. No French will tell you otherwise. Please don’t spread this nonsense if you are not French”

They all ate their croissants with their hands and my partner looking over them like a proud teacher.”

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That was pretty funny!

Well done!

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