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Co-Worker Was Interested In Her Husband And Was Making Her Life Miserable, So She Gathered Dirt On Her And Got Her Fired

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I legitimately do not understand how some people can have so much drama in their lives.

Doesn’t that get exhausting? I’m exhausted just reading about it!

But here we are again…

Take a look at what this woman had to go through at work and see how she handled it like a champ.

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Deny Me a Raise Because You Want to Steal My Husband? Enjoy Unemployment!

“Many moons ago (think early 2000s) I worked for a small tech company in the midwest. I started out as a customer service rep. My husband also worked there in a higher level position in a different department.

There was an office manager there who did not like me at ALL when I got hired. She originally was a billing rep, and got moved to the office manager position when the original one who hired me quit. As an added note, her brother also worked there in the same department as my husband.

This was a big problem.

I was pretty much a model employee. My stats were great, I was always on time, and customer feedback surveys were always glowing when I was on shift. However, it seemed like she had it out for me, because she was always trying to find something to nitpick about my performance.

I divulged all this to my husband, and he admitted that prior to us getting together and before I was hired, she had expressed interest in dating him but he rejected her.

I complained to the owner, but he pretty much just shrugged it off, because she had been there forever and he didn’t want to rock the boat.

Come performance review time and she gave me a terrible review, and a tiny raise, along the lines of everyone else on the team getting 50 cents to a dollar per hour raise, and she gave me a nickel.

Change was coming…

About 6 months later, there was a big shake up in the company, and the general manager and two higher level people from my husband’s department left to work at another company who did the same type of business.

Shortly thereafter, a couple big accounts my boss was pursuing ended up going to the other company.

Thinking that perhaps information about the accounts he was trying to land was leaked to the other company, he sent a couple people home (with pay) for two days while he investigated, including the office manager who didn’t like me.

On day two, he met with the team and confirmed that there was no leak, so he would be bringing the workers back in.

Queue petty revenge.

She knew something…

I had found the office manager’s blog some time ago, and she had been posting frequent updates since the shakeup.

When she was sent home, she posted multiple updates about the situation, including how she figured the owner would screw up payroll, not pay taxes, and get in trouble with the IRS.

She also posted some pretty derogatory things about the owner. She did make a feeble attempt to keep it anonymous by spelling everyone’s names backwards and making up a fake name for the company, but it was very clear it was her and our company she was talking about.


After the team meeting, I asked to meet with my boss alone and showed him all the posts. He dug in and found even more bad stuff she had written, including how she couldn’t stand me and wanted to get me fired (I hadn’t even seen that post until then!).

I couldn’t contain my ****-eating grin when she returned to the office, only to be told to pack up her stuff and go.

Within a year I had a big pay bump and a promotion to management, and I assume she is off somewhere making people miserable.”

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That lady was a nightmare!

Good riddance to her!

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