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Lazy Classmate Refused To Contribute To A Big Group Project, So They Got Revenge And She Has To Repeat A Year

by Abby Jamison

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We’ve all been there: you’re assigned for a group project and there’s one person who just isn’t pulling their weight.

Once the project is turned in and you know you’ve done your part, the question looms: do I let this person take credit for my work, even though they didn’t contribute at all?

Well, for this group, things got a little sticky.

Let’s see what happened…

AITA for making my classmate fail a college project and forcing her to repeat a year?

“So I had a group project at university which accounted for 90% of the grade meaning that if you failed it, you fail the course.

This group consisted of 3 people including me.

I did all of the coding which is fine because I like coding and don’t mind doing the extra work.

The other team member contributed more in terms of writing the report and I also helped with it.

Okay, seems pretty fair so far…

However, there was this girl who did not contribute anything at all.

She only attended half the meetings and never contributed with any ideas.

Even when told by us to speak up, she did not say much.

As an introverted person I understand this so I didn’t judge her much.

However, when it came to doing the agreed upon tasks she almost always failed to deliver.

She neither worked on the code nor the report.

Alright, it’s heating up now…

The rest of the team members communicated this to her many times to see if there was an improvement but there wasn’t.

When it came to the peer reviews at the end of the project I felt like I shouldn’t be failing her as that would be an asshole move.

The project the rest of us delivered was exceptional so there was no need to make her pay.

So I rated her averagely and just gave some encouraging feedback.

That’s nicer than expected! So, what’s the problem?

When the teacher read everyone else’s feedback though, he realized that there were issues with the girl’s contribution.

So he asked us to meet with him and tell our exact contribution.

During the meeting the girl claimed she worked on the code and that most of it was done by her.

At this point I became quite angry and exposed her in front of the professor.

The other guy also backed me up.

Now it’s getting real…

The professor said he’ll re-asses the situation and decide our individual grades.

To nobody’s surprise the girl got a 0 and failed the course.

After this she sent me messages saying I was a total asshole and what I did was completely unfair.

Apparently she now has to repeat another year and cannot afford the fees.

I felt bad for her and said if she let me know this before the meeting, I would have allowed her to claim some of my work, but she didn’t.

She still called me a ****, a loser and other obscenities though and I just muted her chat.

AITA for making her fail and putting her in additional debt?”

Now that we’ve heard the full story, let’s see what some of the commenters are saying…


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Everyone had a pretty strong consensus on this one.

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Some commenters had some pretty valid points, too.

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And others don’t feel bad for the girl at all.

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To me, it’s pretty clear this is a NTA situation.

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