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Sales Rep Scams Customer Into Paying For A Free Service Just To Make Extra Commission, So They Get The Last Laugh By Reporting Them To The FCC

by Ryan McCarthy

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It seems like companies today are more concerned with scamming you out of your money than they are with providing you the service you’re paying for!

Even if you’ve been a life-long customer, you’re still not safe from some corporate big wig trying to squeeze an extra dollar out of you!

And when you try to complain to the company, they hardly seemed shocked, that is if they even have one bit of remorse about their employees taking advantage of you.

But when a sales rep made this user pay for a free service just to make extra commission, he got his revenge by going right to the top!

Check it out!

I feel kinda bad after my petty revenge

I’m moved last weekend and my wifi carrier phone lines weren’t open till Monday.

The store front is a block from my house so I decided to drop in and ask how to move my service with me.

The sales rep told me I couldn’t move with my router and I’d have to send it back and order a new one for the new location.

But the employee he talked to clearly didn’t give him all of the information…

He did not tell me he was signing me up for a new account.

He did tell me however, that id have to choose my wifi speed for the new location which was significantly slower and would raise my bill about $20/m.

He said this was because I was moving out of state. He took my information, said it was mandatory to show ID, SSN, etc. for the move.

I took off work on Monday to wait for installer to come “anytime within a 4 hour window” and called the wifi carrier to confirm how to return my old router.

And when he talked to customer service, he realized he may have gotten some fishy information from the first rep.

To my surprise the CS rep said that I can just move with my router. It takes 20 mins to set up and I get to skip a bill after moving.

I also found out I was signed up for another account at my new place, my credit was run and I’d have to pay a cancelation fee on my old account. I was ticked off.

Time off work, credit check, the extra fees. The store employee essentially told me the wrong info so he could get a commission on an additional sale.

OP went to file a complaint about the crooked employee, but it wasn’t that simple…

There was essentially no route to complain about the store online or through the corporate offices as the stores are “their own separate entities” contracted with the parent company.

I complained to the FCC and BBB over predatory sales practices. The BBB said it was not predatory and a personal grievance.

The FCC followed up and the carriers resolution team contacted me to confirm the store number and employees name. The store will be getting a process review.

I don’t know if the employee is getting fired over this. The carrier reps were annoyed I complained to the FCC, but there wasn’t any other option.

So the company told OP that there was no way for him to complain about the employee through their company, but got mad when he went through official channels? Give me a break.

Reddit told him he should not feel one bit bad, and that the consequences of someone else’s actions were not on him!

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Others sympathized with him, saying they had similar issues with predatory practices!

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Even this former salesman said he was well within his rights to report the man’s lies.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Finally, this user theorized that the company was well aware of the shady practices, and were only feigning ignorance.

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OP’s better than me!

I would not feel bad about reporting the guy who scammed me!

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